About Us


Friends of the Nicola Valley Society is a not-for-profit organization. 


We have 8 directors representing both the Native and non-Native population of BC's Nicola Valley. Our group is primarily concerned with the use of human excrement (biosolids) coming to the Nicola Valley as "treated" sewer sludge from other regional districts of B.C., such as Abbottsford, South Okanagan, and Greater Vancouver.


Sewer sludge is spread on farms, ranches and in our forests. We view this method of waste disposal as a dangerous form of toxin dispersal. It is not "green" or healthy, or sustainable.


Friends of the Nicola Valley wish to create public awareness and lobby for change to regional, provincial and federal government regulations pertaining to biosolids.


We believe there are safer alternatives to dealing with our waste than spreading this chemical-laden residue on the land that is meant to sustain us.


Find more information about our battle here, or join the fight for a ban on biosolids in BC.