Get Involved! Join the Battle!


Want to take part and make a difference? 

There are many ways to join us in the battle.

1. Donate so we can continue the fight! We need funds for signage, legal fees, advertising etc.


2. Send an email to and request to be put on our mailing list - that way you'll always stay up to date on the latest events and meetings. 


3. Write your local, regional, provincial, and federal representatives. Tell them you want biosolids out of the food chain!! Demand a greener solution to waste management. 


Especially with the upcoming election, your voice will make a difference! We have prepared a guideline you can use, download it below.


Guideline for approaching electoral candidates
Adobe Acrobat Document 50.6 KB


4. Help Recruit. You can help us grow our network of people willing to take action for the environment. Forward this website and Facebook info to your friends. Make sure your neighbours know what is going in your local area.


5. Come out to events in your area, or begin to organize information evenings. Take part in the peaceful protest!


6. Educate yourself on the issues and write letters to local papers.


An Introduction to Biosolids
Intro to Biosolids.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 611.6 KB


7. Live a Greener Lifestyle! Think about what you flush away - Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals should never be put down the toilet.