The Biosolids Battle


Friends of the Nicola Valley have declared war on biosolids in BC - NO TO BIOSOLIDS!


We are determined to fight the land application of human excrement - conveniently called "biosolids" by the sludge industry. Biosolids are the concentrated end-product of the water treatment process, commonly known as Sewer Sludge.


Click on the picture below to watch the APTN Investigates documentary about us - Kicking up a Stink (will open in a new window).


Click on the picture below to find out about the unacceptable chemical levels in Merritt biosolids (picture source). 



Find out the truth about biosolids and join us in our battle!


We create public awareness about the inherent dangers of using this toxic material, and lobby for change to regional, provincial, and federal government regulations pertaining to biosolids use on agricultural and forest lands.


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